Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Harold, Maude and Mrs. Chasen

Mrs. Chasen (Vivian Pickles), now that's a weird choice for style inspiration, right? However, when I watched Harold and Maude again the other night, I instantly loved her classic, elegant style, especially the headwear she rocks. From long silk scarves to bath caps, she looks impeccable in every scene.

Moreover, the interiors in the film are extraordinary. The house of Harold is actually the Rose Court Mansion in Hillsborough and the former George T. Cameron estate. It looks spectacular on film, as you can see from the screencaps below. I don't know if it's open to the public but I'd love a tour some day.

Harold is a stylish chap as well, with his darling coats and flared pants, and of course there's Maude with her colourful, layered outfits and that awesome yellow umbrella. The film is a visual feast, that's for sure. One can also argue that you can learn everything there is to know about life from Harold and Maude. So, go watch it if you haven't and watch it again if you have.

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Clare said...

I LOVE Harold and Maude, definitely style icons.

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