Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pretty In Pink: Iona

I have to say, I love watching old movies and seeing the different style back then. Today, Pretty in Pink! Molly Ringwald is the star and she's the one who usually gets all the accolades about her style, since she wears all these vintage pieces and makes her own clothes too. But Iona (Annie Potts), her friend from the record store steals the show for me. She has a totally different style in every scene she is, some outfits scream 80s and others have a more timeless quality. See for yourself.

Hope I've given you an excuse to re-watch this, or any John Hughes-Molly Ringwald film for that matter. You can't go wrong with them.


Nicoleta said...

Well Molly Ringwald could be the absolute style icon of all this geeky vintage craze goin on the past couple of years, but I totally agree, Iona's soooo much cooler!

Btw, 80s bratpack movie-thons are the best!! They just don't make teen movies like these anymore! (...or maybe I'm just getting too old and grumpy!lol)

efi said...

I loooove that movie!

Mat said...

duckie rules!

Gabbi said...

Couldn't agree more... and she made out with Ducky. How cool is she!