Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Soup in the summer

Ok, it's not technically summer yet, but the weather here has been so sunny and hot it's hard to tell the difference! Despite that, I decided to make carrot soup for lunch today. I found this recipe from one of my favourite blogs, carrots were sitting in the fridge, so why not?

It really is a great recipe, and I highly recommend it. Pretty easy and quick too. What I did differently was that I let the onions brown a little before adding the carrots, and that I added more herbs: a pinch of pepper, chilli powder, curry and a saffron thread.

I'll be the first to admit that it does look like baby food, I should have left more liquid in it. But, it was indeed yummy! After serving I added some chopped roasted red peppers, drizzled a little olive oil, scattered some croutons and enjoyed it along with a grilled cheese sandwich.



karmologyclinic said...

the link to the recipe doesn't work and I need this recipe because I have a bunch of carrots that will go bad!

Tessa said...

Ooh, that sounds yummy!
It is super hot here also, and I keep calling it summer too. :)

natalie said...

karmologyclinic, thanks for pointing it out- figures I'd mess it up! It works fine now. :)

Tessa, I'm not a fan of super hot weather, urgh. I dread the heatwaves...