Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A day out

The plan was to spend a few nice hours walking around downtown, visiting jewellery designer Maria Mastori's bazaar, having coffee and doing what girls do. And I'm happy to say it all went according to plan! (yup, sorry no twists here).

I really liked the old lift of the building although I was kinda nervous at first, but it was a smooth ride after all.

This is what I bought! Squee!!!! It's a ring in case it's not obvious. So extravagant and over the top, I love it.

I actually promised not to post any more cappuccino photos here, but the coffee girl was nice enough to make me a cinnamon Christmas tree!

Stelios Parliaros' pastry shop is made out of sugar, cream and chocolate. He's the most popular Greek pastry chef, and I swear could spend loads of money in his shop, I wanted it all! As you can see, the window was amazing, there were choux everywhere! I was so overwhelmed by the products I couldn't decide what to get, so I only got the yummy chocolate and pistachio biscuits. I'm going back for sure!

Lastly, a couple of outfit details. Thick scarf with a flower brooch (gift from mum) and a vintage belt-like ring, one of my favourites.

I'm ashamed to say I still haven't started my Chrismas shopping! I'd better get to it... How about you? Are you done or not started yet?


Marietta said...

Den iksera oti o Parliaros exei magazi!! Poli 8a ithela na dokimaso ta glika tou, pou fainontai fantastika!!
Gia to daxtilidi sou den exo logia, einai iperoxo!!! Opou xristougenniatikes eikones, exo ena megalo xamogelo sta xeili mou!

daisychain said...

wow, both rings are divine

Jo said...

1. I want to eat Parliaro's shop.
2. The first ring is astonishing, but I have to admit that the second made me drool. It is sooo unique.
3. You can make my day just with a picture of a decorated cappuccino...

chloe in the sky said...

I love your pictures too.

fashionist__ahead said...

m aresei polu t kaskol....!!
apla uperoxoo...

Kristin said...

That ring you bought is just gorgeous. So is the 'cino!

mart and lu said...

ooh i like that vintage belt ring...where is it from? your pictures are amazing!

emma wallace said...

That shop looks sooo delicious! If it were near me, I'd spend all my spare money there.

I'm glad the day went well! It sounds lovely.

I'm lucky and have bought pretty much everything- just waiting for the stuff I ordered to come in.


Alecca Rox said...

delicious! all of it, buys and sweets;)

Gabbi said...

I adore this post dear Natalie! The sweet shop is amazing... I love the displays and also the slight peek at your city streets. Such a cute sight of the couple on the Vespa. Also, both rings and your Mom's gift scarf are lovely.

Hope you've been able to finish your shopping? I finally got mine done today... ♥