Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sunday, Sunday

The weather was cool and sunny this Sunday, so it was time for a walk! More specifically, the open air market that's being held every Sunday, filled with vintage china, old clothes and lots more! I really love this kind of markets, I always have so much fun searching for treasures among the junk, and of course taking pictures.

I've always been lucky and have managed to get some really cool things! Past finds include a Polaroid camera, a decorative carousel and old keys which I love. Let's see what I got this time!

Love these prints! They're old clothes and as soon as I saw these floral patterns I was instantly inspired! Aren't they perfect for spring?

These small pins are adorable! I wear pins often, mostly on my scarves and beanies, and couldn't resist those! Love the dancing couple.

Last but not least, I got about 20 old photos. They have been my obsession for a while now, and I spent a lot of time crouching over a box searching through them. I have to say, I'm really proud of myself for finding them, they're all so unique and some of them are really funny! These snapshots from the past mean so much to me, and I'm already brainstorming about them. I chose two to highlight here.

Isn't it amazing? All these ladies playing cards, cigarettes dangling from their lips. I imagine they're hosting a playing tournament in the neigbourhood!

What can I say about this one? A confident, sexy and yet ridiculous pose.

After a couple of hours in the market, it was time for food! We were starving, so totally forgot to take pics of the food (oops!) but I did take a photo of the magnificent dessert. It was really good!

Mmmmm.... And on this sweet note it's time to leave you!



Marietta said...

It's so weird seeing people's memories for sale!
I've never been to a market like that, since there's nothing like that around, but I'm looking forward for a boot sale in London one day, or to search through old cards and photos in the little shops in Paris(if I go again). I love what you got and enjoyed the pics!

daisychain said...

Wow, I'd so love to go to a market like that.

Ellison said...

You always find the coolest stuff when you're out shopping. Those buttons are particularly cute!

efi said...

cool findings. i also have an obsession with old photos, luckily my parents have tons!

Sher said...

Oh I enjoy going to markets like this too and searching for hidden treasures!

Love the collection of old pics you found:)


sugahspank! said...

monastiraki is the perfect place for vintage bizoux, pearls etc
luv it, ma house is full of retro junk!

Thalia said...

i ve been wanting to go to the sunday flea market for some ages now but still haven;t managed it!!!! loving the clothes patterns and the photos!!!

Mairyliscious said...

how nice !!! love the new blog style

Panty Buns said...

That looks like great fun. What a wide assortment of items, from the memorabilia and mementos to the outgrown to the collectibles and knick-knacks. The desert looks like it was delicious.