Monday, 8 March 2010

Something new

Not the best week for me, so some shopping was done to lift my spirits. I'm glad this week is over and we're off to a new one although I still can't believe winter is over and spring is here. I want more winter, we only got like 2 weeks of cold! I'm not ready for sunshine just yet. Anyway, let's move on to the good part, the shopping that is.

New pair of ankle boots. Comfortable and cool, I'm a sucker for buckles.

New Chucks! Crosswords combine a lot of things I love: geometry, black and white and words.

Silver-studded black ballet flats. Hmm, I really like black, don't I?

Ah, I'm in love with my bag. Brown leather, check. Buckles, check. Floral print, check. Roomy and slouchy, check. Big smiles.

I'm gonna leave you with some shop window eye candy. Enjoy!


Marietta said...

Great buys! Is this Stradivarious by any chance?Looks like it, and I always adore their windows!

My Life Is A Mess said...

Amazing buys!Wear them well!
Love that floral bag!

daisychain said...

woah, love that bag.

Rianna Bethany said...

Hope the new week has brought more happyness then the last!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxx

Sher said...

Shopping always makes us happy! Hehe!

Loving those ballet flats of yours:)


chloe said...

oooooh, what a gorgeous bag!! and cute shoes, i may be a shoe-a-holic but i don't think ive ever bought three pairs at the same time, heehee! great buys :) x