Monday, 5 April 2010

The Breakfast Club

Another quick post from me to pimp my new collection, The Breakfast Club. I'm really excited about it! You can see a sneak peek above, 3 bottlecap rings, each featuring a high school stereotype. Each ring is one of a kind and they are made with authentic, black and white American yearbook pictures from 1953. You might have noticed I'm really into old photos and I find vintage yearbooks fascinating, so I'm particularly happy with how these rings turned out!

These three will be gradually appearing in the shop with more coming soon! I'll be selling them as rings but there's always the option to turn them into brooches.

In related news, if you have a Facebook account like all the cool kids do and like my work, you could be a fan of Naked Tile Jewellery here . Don't worry, I won't flood your news feed!

I'll be back later this week with pretty pictures from a museum exhibition I visited this weekend. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!

See you soon! xoxo


chloe said...

hey, cute idea! and i also love the lace fingernails from your other post! xxx

Panty Buns said...

Those rings are funny! I'll be looking forward to checking out your museum exhibition photos later this week.

Elena said...

Very beautiful!

daisychain said...

how cool!

Sher said...

Very very creative, I love the look of your rings:)