Wednesday, 7 April 2010

To Dress

So, this past Saturday was the perfect day for a museum stroll downtown, as the weather was sunny and cool and we couldn't let that go to waste, right? Benaki Museum holds a cool exhibition about clothing, from contemporary dresses to traditional costumes from Afghanistan. As the curator states, the exhibition serves as a reminder of the great need to have a Clothing Museum in Greece to collect and preserve all these sartorial treasures.

Jean Paul-Gaultier

It was a beautiful collection, and I did my best to photograph some of the clothes shown there. Photography is somewhat prohibited but I managed to shoot a few dresses with my mobile phone, hence the kinda crappy quality of the pictures. Let's call them artsy, ok? I loved the old, wooden closets also on display, antique luggage and various accessories especially the intriguing purses and avant-garde hats.

Marc Jacobs' silk Obama dress

Another cool thing I liked was that the exhibition is still growing and the museum is accepting donations, so in case you have a designer clutch you no longer want (seriously, what are the odds?) you can donate it to the collection for all of us to admire.

equestrian outfit (and creepy horse)

Paper dresses for advertising purposes

Andy Warhol signed paper dress

Pierre Cardin's Olympic Airways outfit

There are also two wide screens, one showing a video of a woman getting dressed in an elaborate traditional costume, kinda reminiscent of Victor and Rolf's 1999 Haute Couture "Russian Doll" collection which is also showing on a smaller tv screen. There's also a video screening of greek runway shows from past decades.



Sotiris Georgiou

can't remember the designer, let me know if you know him/her!

Lena Katsanidou

Aggelos Mpratis

Antria Papadopoulou

As you imagine, I got a case of serious dress envy! Sadly, touching is also prohibited which may also be a blessing in disguise as I'd probably still be there, covered in silk, lace and taffeta.

The exhibition runs until 23/05.


My Life Is A Mess said...

I went to the paper dresses exhibition at Benaki a couple of years ago.I'll definitely go see those gorgeous dresses!Thanks for sharing it!

fashionist__ahead said...

m aresei polu..

Panty Buns said...

What a great tour at the Benaki museum. You're obviously not the only one loving the silk, lace and taffeta. I think even top designers probably cast an eye that way too.

ANGELINA said...

I visited the Benaki Museum for this's really interesting...i got amazed.. :)

Becca Joy said...

I love museums but mine never host anything cool! This exhibit looks awesome :)

λού said...

wow! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!poso agapw benaki giati na menw toso makria:S

meraldia said...

Λατρεύω να βλέπω κομμάτια από χώρες όπως το Αφγανιστάν που οι άνθρωποι φτιάχνουν οι ίδιοι τα ρούχα που φοράνε! Πολύ όμορφη ιδέα της έκθεσης!

_nina_malvada_ said...

ego AKOMA na vro ora na pao stin ek8esi...eknana to la8os ke piga triti proi ke vrika to mousio klisto...snif klaps..

ANGELINA said...

@ _nina_malvada_ to exw kanei k egw auto...alla eixa paei deutera!!paketo odws!! :/

Faboulista said...

wow you are so lucky to have such a wonderful exibit of beautiful clothes in your city. super jelous of your trip.

Nells said...

ena teleio blog!!at a loss for words!!
no further comment!!

Diana said...

This would look like such a great exhibit.