Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lavender days

This lovely box arrived yesterday in the mail. You can imagine my excitement! Recently, I won a giveaway by the lovely Christina over at her blog. Christina is an Aromatherapy and Rejuvenance therapist and she also makes natural aromatherapy products. Needless to say, the minute I opened the box my whole house filled with a lavender scent!

So, here are the items I received, one by one. Beautiful packaging and amazing smell!

A sweet pouch filled with lavender! This will go straight to my underwear drawer until I think of ways to use it.

Almond sweet carrier oil. Thanks to a very detailed email Christina just sent me, this oil is organic so it can also be drunk!

Mmmm, handmade body scrub! Loved the glass jar and really can't wait to use it! So luxurious and don't you just love the way your skin feels after a good scrub?

Last but not least, lavender oil. You can use this for massages, baths and millions of other uses.

So, thank you Christina for your wonderful gifts! For the girls in Athens who wish to know more about her therapies and handmade products don't forget to visit her very informative page.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


rebecca said...

I love it when I get stuff in the post - especially when I've won it! Lovely stuff (:

A Brit Greek said...

What an awesome giveaway! Lucky you!!!

Have a fab weekend doll!


mary_ronaldo said...

u re so lucky! i'm jealous seeing all these things!

Iva said...

so sweet!!

Mat said...

well lets see if you can make it two wins out of two, consider yourself entered!

Marietta said...

Ola deixnoun iperoxa!Exeis to diko sou spa pleon!