Friday, 2 July 2010


It's a bit of a shocker considering I don't really like summers, but I actually kinda like this one, it's slow and lazy. Plus, we had a few cool, rainy days which are always welcome. Last summer was quite surreal and frankly a bit of an emotional rollercoaster although I didn't discuss it here, so I'm looking forward to silly fun and relaxed time. Days are spent shopping, reading, watching tv and movies and planning holidays.

Speaking of shopping, I picked up these thingies above the other day. Colourful and affordable, they cheered me up instantly! I really love the colour of the nail polish, I'm planning to paint my nails soon and I remembered Alecca Rox's post about the Lip Smackers so I had to get one of those as well! Watermelon flavoured, it's summer in a tube.

Ok, and now it's suggestion time: Do yourself a favour this summer and watch Misfits. It's British tv at its best. Let me sell it to you: A group of five young offenders doing community service (pictured above) get caught up in a freak storm and start to develop superpowers. It's way better than it sounds, and please don't compare it to the crap-fest that was Heroes. It's witty, funny, suspenceful, sexy and racy. It does contain strong language, a bit of gore and sex but hey, that's Europe for you. The first season is only 6 episodes long and I urge you to check it out, it will get you hooked from the start.

And, a book recommendation while I'm at it. Just finished Stephen King's Cell, and it's a perfect summer read, if you're into zombies in a post-apocalyptic wold that is. Imagine a message transmitted through your phone that turns each and everyone who hears it into a mindless zombie. There are of course those who don't own a cell phone so it's them against the zombies. As above, I don't need to tell you that there is lots of gore and blood and all that jazz, I mean it is a Stephen King novel. It's fun and easy to read and if you like this kind of stuff you'll thoroughly enjoy it. So, watch Misfits and read Cell. What's a summer without zombies and delinquent superheroes?

And a feet shot for the end. I currently live in these flats which you may remember from this post. So comfy and perfect for when you're a pedicure short for sandal-ready feet. *cough*

Until next time, have a cocktail with a paper umbrella.



Anonymous said...

smells like summer ^^

Princess Margot said...

Oh lipsmaker!!!!!!!!
Definitely smells like summer!!!!!!!

Mat said...

ahh thanks for your trouser comment, glad it's worked out ok.

i'm pants when it comes to summer, can't really dress very well to be honest. shorts hmm. flats are the best way, i usually wear brogues or something but they're way to clumpy for the hottness

Obi said...

πήρα κ γω αυτό το lipgloss της hawaiian tropic τις προάλλες...μυρίζει τόσο τέλεια που θέλω να το φάω!!!:D

Have a great summer sweetie(όπως ακριβώς το θέλεις) and keep posting xx

Gabbi said...

The show sounds fun! Will have to find... also, love your flats! Wishing you a great new week...♥