Thursday, 12 August 2010

Let's go to the mall

Sales are a dangerous and sneaky thing. You're browsing online, checking twitter and blogs when you find yourself over at the sale section of Asos, Tatty Devine and Topshop, lusting over things you can actually afford. How did that happen?

Firstly, Tatty Devine. I love their jewellery, so when their sale was announced I immediately had a look. Found a cool cocktail umbrella ring, added it to my cart and was just about to check out when.... "Sorry the item is out of stock". Boo! Shortly after tweeting my disappointment, the lovely girls over at Tatty came to my rescue! They found one last ring in one of their shops and I could have it! Talk about quick and efficient customer service.

A few days later the package arrived at my mailbox, containing my ring and a cute pin.

One ring wasn't enough for me though, so after seeing it here, I had to have the binoculars ring from Topshop as well.

Upon returning from my vacation, I bought a bikini. I know it doesn't make much sense, but 1st, it was a bargain at 50% off, and 2nd, it's green! With polka dots! Come on! (I'm weak.)

Aaaand, last but not least, two pairs of sandals from the sales at Black leather ones which are kinda snug but will stretch them out even if it kills me, and plastic, pink jelly ones which are all kinds of fun.

Phew! That was all. Not bad, right? I think I'm done with summer shopping, can't wait for autumn!

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

me geies! ola einai yperoxa! :)

Lilette said...

Tatty Devine loves you for sure!

Both the umbrella and the binoculars rings are super-cute!

What really caught my eye, though, is your new bikini! Green's my fave colour and I think we all got a soft spot for polka dots, don't we? :D

chloe said...

aw, cute selection!
i particularly like the black gladiators, i wanted another pair of sandals but since summer is nearly over (i hope!), m going to concentrate on wnter shoes now, hehe x

Gabbi said...

Great buys! I love love the drink umbrella ring and pink jelly sandals especially...

ickleson said...

I love Tatty Devine - such cool ideas for jewellery.

Alecca Rox said...

my-o-my someone has been shopping:)
those jellies must be this summer's hit! enjoy them all.

Dimi.B. said...

I have the same polka dot bikini in red! It's a piece of art, isn't it?

ANNIE said...

LOL i know what you mean!

but the things you got were so cute! especially the binoculars ring and those sandals =)

Lorelai● said...

ax auta ta kutakia Tatty Devine poso ta agapw!

stella said...

hey! αφου σου αρεσουν τοσο πολυ τα tatty devine να τα τσεκαρεις και εδω στο Shop: τα εβγαλαν απο πρωτη μερα 50% εκπτωση και ηταν πιο φτηνα απο οτι στο σαιτ!! δυστυχως βεβαια φερνουν λιγα κομματια, εγω πηρα τα σκουλαρικια-ομπρελλα :)