Thursday, 19 August 2010


Last summer, while strolling in London, we came across the National Portrait Gallery, near Leicester Square. There was an exhibition inside, the BP Portrait Award, which celebrated its 20th year. The art was incredible, especially for an avid lover of portraits such as myself. I find portraits compelling and incredibly beautiful, a strong face is so interesting and can evoke a plethora of feelings and memories. They also carry a nostalgic vibe, as I find them reminiscent of a bygone era before photography was an option, where people used to sit for hours for their oil portraits.

We had an amazing afternoon there, and I'm glad I bought the gallery's booklet which is filled with some of the most interesting portraits of last year's contest. The photos of this post are taken from the internets, as my scanner won't cooperate. You can check the credits at the end of the post, and also make sure to see this year's entries as well.

Georgie, Mary Jane Ansell
Hats and scarves, Tim Okamura
Agnes, Natalie Holland
Imagine, José Luis Corella
Guillem, Miriam Escofet
Harry Patch, Dan Llywelyn Hall
Changeling 2, Peter Monkman (1st prize)


Gabbi said...

Lovely exhibit, very much a fan of portrait paintings... amazing to see emotion and personaity captured on a canvas. My favorite is 'Imagine' by José Luis Corella. Reminds me a bit of Pipi Longstocking!

Sher said...

What an amazing exhibit! I had the greatest afternoon walking around the gallery to when I visited London last year. It was one of my favourite places in London:)