Monday, 3 January 2011


Couldn't be happier 2010 is finally out of the way. Let's start 2011 with a song. Karen Elson used to be one of my favourite models and now she's a singer/songwriter and still fabulous. Also, I want her hair.

Have a spectacular new year!


Gabbi said...

Such a gorgeous and eerie video Natalie! I LOVE... and yeah, I want her hair too. Wishing you the very best in this New Year!!xoxo

PS. I passed on an award to you today!

Angelina said...

she is so beautiful and of course I love her red hair!
I hope 2011 is so amazing as you have expected! :)

chloe said...

oh my god, this is amazing! i knew she was doing music but i hadn't heard anything - and she looks so beautiful in the mirror with the pearl headpiece, i want to look like that on my wedding day (random i know).
and you should totally start watching skins, its very british, funny and tragic, i love it! lemme know if you check it out x