Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pop 5

The last days of 2010 and the first ones of 2011 have been quite prolific in terms of pop culture consumed. So, today I'm presenting you my Pop 5.

1. Saw The Godfather trilogy.
Yeah, haven't seen it before. Weird, right? So proud I can now cross it off my list. My favourite part is the first one, what can I say I love me some Marlon Brando. Oh, and I too have sighed with relief that Sofia Coppola didn't pursue acting. Thanks, girl.

2. Read Catch-22.
Amazing book, so crazy and surreal and funny and original. Yossarian is such an extraordinary character. Highly recommended.

3. Got extremely disappointed by Black Swan.
That was a shock, I must say. Loved the posters, the music, the costumes, but so hated the movie. I don't want to reveal much, but for me it's just one of these films that takes itself way too seriously. Forget Aronofsky and the stars, this could have easily been a camp, b-movie thriller without changing a thing. I felt it was naive, chock-full of cheap scares and shallow symbolism. Everyone else loved it though.

4. Loved Never Let Me Go.
This movie broke me. I was crying my eyes off long after it ended. It's directed by Mark Romanek, amazing music video director and stars Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. It's based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro which I'm planning to read soon. So heart-wrenching, it will stay with you for a long time.

5. Discovered The Vampire Diaries.
Nothing groundbreaking here, but it's still a fun show with vampires and quite addicting. And although nothing can replace True Blood's Eric from the vampire spot in my heart right now, Damon Salvatore makes for a nice temporary distraction.


Kat said...

Once again your blog is full of interesting things.I'm gonna watch never let me go!And maybe Catch-22 when I find time!

Anonymous said...

είσαι τυχερή, γιατί αν ίες διαβάσει το βιβλίο, η ταίνια θα σου φαινόταν απλώς μέτρια.

Mat said...

i've never really been fussed about godfather, when i ever say it people are like "no way, you serious?". oh well.

snow is fun for a day, then it just becomes a pain

Gabbi said...

Will have to read Catch-22 now Natalie! Shame about the Black Swan! I loved it... it reminded me of Polanski's 'Replusion'. Fan of Vampire Diaries also... ♥

Froso M. said...

Eimai megalh fan tou Godfather!