Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lost no more

Big day today for nerds all over the world. Whether you're a fan or not, Lost has played a huge part in pop culture the last 6 years, so today holds a pretty big significance. I watch Lost so you can count me in the "fans" category, although I admit to bad-mouthing it occasionally.

In the Lost journey there have been many disappointments, flaws, things-thrown-at-screen moments, and sometimes sheer frustration. Mainly involving Jack.
But of course there are also laughs, tears, suspense, and mind-blowing, mouth-gaping moments. Mainly involving Desmond. And my eternal love, Locke.

Truth is, I'm very excited for tonight's finale but I'm keeping my expectations low. I'm afraid there's gonna be some disappointment (Lost fans are pretty hardcore) but let's hope the writers can provide a satisfactory ending to the saga. My prediction? Locke/Smokey kills them all (he saves Jack for last) and emerges victorious. Ben is spared (I like him). Oh, and Desmond gets back with Penny. Somehow.

I'm watching the finale tomorrow night, I'll try my hardest to avoid any spoilers until then. The internet better keep their mouth shut!

I'll be back later this week with a sneak peek of a new jewellery line, hope you'll like it!



needles and pins said...

to ksera oti kapou edw 8a ebriska ki allous losties!!xexe!to epeisodio exei hdh katebei gia thn eidikh probolh se spiti filou shmera me pizza kai mpura!!esy 8a to deis kapou special???aaa nai kai menw makrya apo epikindyna site pou mporei na mou martyrhsoun to paramikro....lalalalalal..i can't hear you!!!(inside joke gia tous fans tou curse of the monkey island)

chloe said...

hmmm, i was a lost fan until it got too confusing... it started really annoying me!
i would like to know what happened in the end, but ive heard that a lot of fans were disappointed because it didnt answer all the questions they had. what did you think? x

Sher said...

I only watched till season 3 so I'm pretty much lost after that. But I really want to know the ending though!!

natalie said...

Oh man, the end for me was a huge fail. Too bad, I was kinda hoping for something better. In fact, anything would probably be better that that. Anyway, moving on.