Friday, 14 May 2010

Sugarwave bazaar

I'm taking part in the Sugarwave bazaar, today and tomorrow. So, now you know where to find me. I hope I'll see some of you there!

In other news, it's so hot here I can barely function. Not a big fan of summer, at least summer in Athens so I'm kinda suffering. I use this as an excuse to eat ice cream. Pretty smart, right?

And I also have a tumblr now. Because apparently having a blog, flickr, facebook and twitter wasn't enough.

See you soon!



daisychain said...

hope it goes well for you love

chic in greek said...

It's a good excuse for ...eating ice cream!
In any case, I have enough of hot and exhausting greek summers, that's why I prefer spending a considerable time of my summer holidays in North Europe. I remember my stay in Copenhagen, a couple of years ago, during August. I could walk around without sweating and enjoying a fresh atmosphere while Athens was -literally and metaphorically- burning: The attica forest was on fire and the temperature was very high!