Friday, 16 July 2010


Cracks, based on Sheila Kohler's novel, is a film by Jordan Scott, starring Eva Green. Set in 1934, it gives us a look at the lives of the girls in a prestigious boarding school in Great Britain. More specifically, how the lives of the girls in the school's diving team are affected by the arrival of a new student.

I watched this movie purely by chance, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story is interesting enough, but what really pulled me in was the impressive performances by the young cast, the stunning scenery, the eerie, isolated atmosphere of the school and the beautiful costumes. The interactions between the characters and their ever-changing dynamics made for a realistic portrayal of teenage girls, and the significance older role models but also their peers have in their psyche. It's a pretty standard premise: The newcomer who threatens the status quo of the queen bee and disrupts the balance of the team, but the story remains fresh and not without some dark turns.

The film's beautiful cinematography is the work of John Mathieson, best known for his career in the music video industry who has also been nominated twice for an Academy Award. Allison Byrne is the costume designer who's been nominated for an IFTA Award for her work in Cracks.

Without giving too much of the plot away, I hope I've intrigued you enough to watch it. Even if the story fails to engage you, you could at least admire the English countryside and the pretty dresses. Not a bad way to spend 104 minutes, right?

Until next time, watch a film.



Elviella said...

Looks wonderful, I'm really intrigued now. Indeed, the costumes, the setting, the atmosphere, look pretty amazing. :) I'm sooo gonna watch it once I get back home and have a dvd player.

Gabbi said...

I'm very much a fan of your taste in film Natalie... will most definitely have to watch! Thank you for the recommend and hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Miss Kiki Lovelace said...

Sounds like my kind of film....i will definitely check on this. :) Thanks! x

Amy said...

I just watched this for the first time a month or two back and I LOVED it. Juno Temple is amazzzing (and has the best name pretty much ever) and the whole thing just looked so gorgeous. Good call!

Thanks for your super sweet comments on my blog. I'm following you now!

λού said...

some education also- its a beautiful,beautiful story.

Clare said...

Sounds like a great film!

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kataifi* said...

pote 8a mou kanis mia lista me tis aparetites tenies pou prepi na do?????

fenete TELIA...apla...

tin katevases h' tin vrikes ke sto videoclaub tis gitonias???

Lilette said...

sounds great! i will most definitely check it out! :)