Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The island

Aaaaand, I'm off! The beach awaits me, so I'm leaving for a mini vacation, one week to be exact. I've scheduled a couple of posts to be published during my absence, and there'll be plenty more when I get back, tanned and rested.

Have a lovely week!



Sher said...

Ooo the beach! I'm sure you'll be having the most wonderful time!

Enjoy yourself:)


Stevia said...

hope you have fun there!

come visit my blog if you don't mind..

Lilette said...

αυτά είναι!! have fun girl!! :D

Gabbi said...

Lots of fun and can't wait to read/see more about it!

Alecca Rox said...

have a great holiday, chill out and reload;)

Fi Figueroa said...

where? where r u going? loving the picture! Thanks for your comment on my blog, now I'm following yours for surE! <3