Sunday, 11 July 2010

Size matters

Sales don't start here until Thursday but many stores have already lowered their prices, trying hard to lure customers. I can't speak for others, but their devious marketing strategies worked like a charm on me, and after a trip to the shops the other day I got home with two new pairs of shoes.

Plastic red ballet flats. Dirt cheap and adorable! I have noticed a serious lack in red shoes in my wardrobe, so you can say these were almost necessary.

Floral-pop wedges. They do turn me into a small giant but they're quite comfortable despite the 10cm platform.

To tell you the truth, I also wanted to buy a hat for my holiday. I tried on a lot of them, but apparently, I have a huge head. No kidding, every single one of them was way too small on me. What's going on? I've just managed to come to terms with the fact that my hands are too big so I can't wear bangles, and now this. Does anyone else have this problem or my freakishly big head and I are alone in this? Oh, and there's no correlation between the size of one's head and IQ. Trust me, I googled it.

Luckily, I had my shoes and cupcakes to cheer me up.

Until next time, have a frozen treat.



Λεναλδούπολη said...

haha i haνe the same problem!i call my head "kefala" ahahahaha!anyways,λονely shoes!:D

Elviella said...

totally got the same problem. Only the 60 cm+ fit me, much bigger than the hats of my dad, grandpa, and co-worker.

Κεφαλες unite!

Nina said...

aww cute red flats, love them!

Lilette said...

καλά οι μπαλαρινούλες τα σπάνε!!με γειες!!...όσο για τα καπέλα, δοκίμασε αντρικά!! είναι πολύ πιο άνετα κ έχουν πολλά ωραία σχέδια!!κ μιας κ πιάνουν τα χέρια σου, μπορείς να τα διακοσμήσεις με χαντρες, κουμπάκια κτλ για να τα κάνεις πιο girly αν θέλεις!!:)

Gabbi said...

Title is hilarious and I LOVE your new shoes... especially the red flats. Adorable!

Zoe said...

Hi..hi,how are u hun?miss ur classy and unique pictures^^
I have the same problem as u too..
anyways, I love ur shoes especially the Floral-pop wedges, they are so pretty^^
Thanks again for dropping by~

chloe said...

oooh, i love the red shoes, toso glykoulika!
our sales started on the 1st july but im trying not to spend too much! although i have saved a bag of clothes in the office at work until the last price cut (the benefits of working in a shop hehe!)

ive been meaning to ask you, would you like to link-exchange dear? x