Monday, 5 July 2010

Mint and coconut

Sunday afternoons are best spent outdoors, so yesterday we visited a lovely bazaar held in a back yard filled with vintage and handmade treasures. There were beautiful dresses, jewellery, accessories and shoes, sadly too small for me! But, it was a lovely day and the bazaar was fun, albeit small and crowded. Luckily, there were fresh mojitos which helped a lot with the heat!

I couldn't resist not buying anything of course, so here's what I got. A pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses, a handmade flower hair clip, and a coconut purse. Yes, it really is a coconut, cute and lethal at the same time.

The day ended with beer and food, as all good days should end. This week's plans include Toy Story 3, more mojitos and some more shopping.

Until next time, eat some cherries.



Gabbi said...

Such fun Natalie! I love your new glasses and those mojitos look delicious. I saw Toy Story on Friday! So good... you're gonna like.

Lilette said...

absolutely love that coconut purse you got!! def gonna be the eye-catcher of your outfits from now on! really laughed at your description: "cute and lethal" hope you're not planning to smash anyone's head with it haha!
nail polish also rocks and yes, Toy Story's great!:) xx

Lorelai● said...

wx! ma ti fovero auto to tsadaki!!terma koritsistiko!!zileuw!

Lori said...

i loove looking through vintage stores, those cat eye sunglasses are so adorable!

My Life Is A Mess said...

Ωχ!Ειχα δει ενα ιδιο τσαντακι σε ενα αλλο μπαζαρ!Τελειο!
Δινει ενα τροπικο τατς!
Ασε με και γω εκνευριζομαι οταν υπαρχει τιποτα που να χορεσει τα βατραχοπεδηλα που χω για ποδια!

Elviella said...

"cute and lethal", hahahahahaha :D

have even more fun and more mojitos! mojitos are gooood. xD

kataifi* said...

despinis mou an ise stin protevousa stis 17 tou mina...leme me tin dindinaki na kanonisoume mia huuuge blogosinadisi! opote NA mas timisis!


ta ipolipa sto

Diana said...

mojitos sound so good right now.

Score on the coconut purse!

Sher said...

omg, a coconut purse! I've never seen anything like it! Adorable!

and I love the vintage shades, I wish for a pair like that:)

Mat said...

ive never been to a backyard sale but would love to, just not in my town

Irene Pal said...

I missed that bazzar and i love vintage stuff (xho doesn't?). As for Toy Story I hope you 've enjoyed it much! I did!
φιλιά κοριτσάκι